Publishing opp but need advice

About two years ago, I wrote a manuscript for a science-fiction novel. Although I got an agent and paid for some editorial services and critique, nothing panned out so, after searching for a long, long, long, long time, I queried and sent three sample companies to Raider Publishing International. The editor at Raider Publishin International emailed me today offering to publish my book and, of course, I am delighted.
However, there are pros and cons. The pros include 50%+ of the royalities, publishing within a few months and distribution for 3 years. The con is the price tag ($699 Canadian). I just wondering if I should do it or not. Does Can anyone help/advise me please?

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One day, while watching a series on National Geographic called, Built for the Kill, I was astounded at how high a Canadian lynx can leap. That night, I dreamt of a superhero with the power of a lynx. At about 2AM, I woke up, planted myself in front of my PC and began typing as fast as my fingers could move.

what a joy just to know…

what a joy just to know that some one is interested in your novel….Actually at this moment I am interested in reading your novel- I LOVE SCifi and cats!

Unfortunately- i know nothing about publishing. But i would research the company, call them and ask for prospectus- why not? What the heck have you go to loose (oh i know the cost of the phone call, the energy to research the company and $700) but would you not spend that much on a new refrigerator if you needed it? My point is- why keep you dreams in the dark and cold.

Trying, first

Trying, first congratulations. Your dream is still alive and moving forward.

second, I would just call them up and talk to them. You will know more from the feeling you get talking to the owner than any advice I could give.

third, ask to see a detailed break down of what your $699 gets you and also what investment they are making toward your book. (They are getting 50% of the profits so they should be taking on some risk by providing more than $699 dollars worth of services.)

Finally, if the feeling is right, just go for it. $699 isn’t that much money to risk on a dream.