Online Diet

One of the many positives about The Day Off Diet is that it is an online diet program. That means you can download it instantly upon purchase. There’s nothing to wait for. In fact you can get started with The Day Off Diet program within minutes from right now.

And another great thing about an online diet like this one? It doesn’t matter what time it is or what day of the week it is! It can be 3 AM on a Sunday night and you can still be downloading The Day Off Diet within minutes from right now.

Day Off Diet Features

  • Instant online access. Download the entire program immediately!
  • Boost your metabolism with a regular “day off” calorie spike.
  • List of “Green Light” foods which force your body to burn fat.
  • Never go hungry. Eat “Green Light” foods until you are satisfied.
  • No calorie counting, carb counting, or food diaries.
  • Recipes and menu plans.
  • Will work for you no matter how many times you’ve failed with other diet plans.