How You Can Utilize Yoga For Weight Reduction

While searching for some weight loss tips on Google, I found many people asking if you can use yoga for weight loss. And in my experience, the answer would be yes.

Yoga could be utilized quite successfully to lose weight and build muscle. For the last couple months, I’ve been doing the P90X routine, an extreme body workout that uses muscle confusion to develop muscles and avoid that plateau in strength. As part of that routine, I had to do yoga every Thursday of the week, and once every fourth weekend. At first, I’ll acknowledge that as a guy, undertaking yoga for weight loss wasn’t really the idea of what I’d call a workout. Actually, I skipped the first couple yoga days to go running instead, figuring a cardiovascular workout would be much better suited. But one week I decided to try the yoga workout and here’s what I found.

Although the yoga workout was supposed to be a recovery workout in between the heavy Wednesday and Friday workouts, I discovered myself just as sore from the yoga exercises than from any other workout that week, and in places I didn’t know could be sore! There’s a misconception that yoga is just uncomfortable postures, stretching, and breathing exercises. While it may be true you do some funny looking poses, try holding that pose for 30 seconds to see how tough it is. Then, try to move to another pose in a slow, controlled manner, without falling! By the end of the workout, I was experiencing the burn.