A Double Chin May Be a Symptom of “Smartphone Face”

We’re Able To Fight Double Chin or We’re Able To Accept It

The issue.

I avoid mirrors around actually possible since I’ve passed Medicare eligibility. I don’t use much makeup any longer. I abhor the paste of foundation and powder that collects in the lines that are tiny. But when I do wear rouge or a small lipstick, or when I style my hair, I make an effort focus in the area I’m working on and to stop from studying the remainder. But occasionally I’m ambushed with a mirror, and I get an entire view of the laugh lines that have morphed into fullblown crows’ feet along with the sagging jowls that make me seem a little like Winston Churchill. Actually I seem similar to somebody nearer to house – my mother. I sometimes consider I’m checking at a portrait of an image of myself instead of my mom’s while I get an unforeseen peek of myself.

There is collarbones and a fresh factor, as if age and gravitation weren’t enough. It’s called “smartphone face.”

The significance.

Paul McFedries of Word Spy describes the completely new phenomenon this way:

Smartphone Face: n. Saggy jowls along with a sagging jaw line because of neck muscles from constantly looking down in a smartphone or comparable gadget, that have been reduced.


Amber Sutherland mentioned this new “cellphone face woe” inside the New York Post. Centered on Ms. Sutherland, some New Yorkers have really brushed off the potential danger, choosing not to worry about it. Amber is agreed with by myself. I’m uncertain if it’s a desire on my component to age with dignity and get the face God has supplied me or if it’s the reality I don’t possess the money to carry through anything about that, but I create an effort to not be worried about it either.

Possible remedies

There are matters you can test out if, however, you choose to withstand with nature. “The Fabulous Beauty Blog” studied some alternatives. Thoughts included facelifts, chin filler injections, Botox, and liposuction. You might contemplate simply keeping your phone at texting, if those alternatives are extreme or shoulder level. In the event you do so you could actually tighten up those triceps which are sagging a bit, if it is going to help your double chin, although Myself don’t comprehend. You can also read this article for more details on how to treat your double chin at http://www.healthguidesdaily.com/how-to-lose-a-double-chin-fast.html.