6 Most Favorite Exercises


Flat-Bench Cable Crossover:

Exercise: To develop and define middle and inner pectoral muscles.

Execution: i.) Lie on a flat bench. Take a handle in each hand and bring your hands together at arms length above you, palms facing each other.

ii.) With your elbows slightly bent, lower your hands out to either side until your pectorals are fully stretched. Bring your arms back towards the starting position.


Arnold Press

Exercise: To develop the front and side heads of the deltoids.

Execution: i.) Grab one dumbbell in each hand and raise to your shoulders.

ii.) In one motion press the weights overhead and at the same time rotate your hands, thumbs turning inwards, so that your palms face forwards at the top of the movement.

iii.) Hold here for a moment, then reverse the movement, lowering the weights and rotating your hands back to the starting position.

3.) BACK

Bent-Arm Pullover with Barbell

Exercise: To work the lower lats. It also stretches the pectorals.

Execution: i.) Lie on your back on a flat bench, with a barbell in place on the floor behind your head. Reach back and grasp the bar.

ii.) Keeping your arms bent, raise the bar and bring it just over your head to your chest. Lower the bar back to the starting position feeling your lats stretched to the fullest.


Lying Dumbbell Curl

Exercise: To build the entire biceps. It gives the biceps a huge stretch.

Execution: i.) Lie on your back on the bench, a dumbbell in each hand, your knees bent.

ii.) With your elbows steady, curl the weights up towards your shoulders, keeping the movement very strict.

iii.) Then lower the dumbbells back towards the floor resting it all the way down.


Fixed-Bar Triceps Extension

Exercise: To fully stretch and develop the triceps.

Execution: i.) Using a horizontal bar positioned at about waist height, grab the bar with an overhand grip. Lock your arms out to support your weight, then move your feet back until you are in a semi-push-up position above the bar.

ii.) Bend your elbows and lower your body so that your head comes under and below the bar as far as possible. Press forward and raise your arms back to the starting position.


Reverse Calf Raise Some patients who have got plantar fasciitis can try exercises for plantar fasciitis here.

Exercise: To develop the front of the lower leg.

Execution: i.) Standing with your heels on a block, lower your toes as far as you can.

ii.) Then lift them up feeling the muscles at the front of your lower leg. Contract as fully as possible. Do about 20-30 repetitions with your own body weight.